I will admit right out of the gate that I was not an early adopter of this installment of DOOM, meaning that I didn’t get it the day it came out. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited for its release and thought that it looked great, but I was cautiously optimistic about it I guess you could say. I was a huge fan of the original DOOM back in the day. It was one of the first PC games I ever played and, like many gamers, it was my introduction to First Person Shooters. So I took a more wait and see approach to it. After the first couple hours I have put into the game so far, I can confidently say that my concerns were unfounded. I have had a blast with the game so far. The first thing I noticed right off was how good this game looks and how fast it moves. I have always said that the DOOM games are the most ‘metal’ games out there, and this one is no different. The action is fast-paced, non-stop, and a total gore-fest in the best of ways. In my short playtime so far I have only picked up three different weapons: a semi-automatic pistol that you can also hold down the left trigger (i’m playing it on XboxOne) to charge up a more powerful shot, a combat shotgun that I have already modded to include a grenade launcher, and I just recently picked up a chainsaw that is so wicked in all the right ways! You hit X to use the chainsaw instead of the usual right trigger that fires the guns, and the chainsaw rips through baddies like butter in an explosion of viscera and gore that will surely satisfy longtime DOOM fans. One of the things that I am really liking in this game is that it seems to be surprisingly deep for a DOOM game. Not only have I modded a couple of my weapons, but you can also modify your armor suit as well. At the time of this writing I have only applied one mod to the suit which gave it a better scanning radius so the map will reveal items and points of interests in a wider range. There is also these little figures that I think is a monkey that you can collect that are usually in hidden locations so that gives a little incentive to explore the environments and try and collect them all. I have only played the single player campaign so I have yet to dive into the multiplayer aspect of the game. Keep posted here at SportsNerdWeb for more on DOOM and other great titles coming down the line!….CHEERS!