As I’ve said before, I am new to online gaming. So Warframe is one of the first really Free to Play games I have checked out, other than demos and trailers and things of that nature, so I didn’t really know what to expect. But, I am glad I did.

From what I have gathered so far, Warframe was first released back in March 2013, and it seems that most of the reviews I read before downloading the game all agreed that it was a solid game but got repetitive rather quickly. I obviously never played it back then so the only impressions I have are based of the version that is currently available to download, and yes completely FREE!

Obviously the first thing you will notice about Warframe is that it is NOT an ugly game. For a F2P (Free to Play) game, it’s actually rather stunning looking. The Warframe exoskeletons that your character wears are detailed to a rich sheen, the colors are rich and vibrant, and the lighting effects are right on point. The character and enemy design was the next thing I noticed right out of the gate. The character, enemy, and environment design is all rather interesting and original looking. You play as a breed of space-ninja known as a Tenno. There is 3 different classes of Warframes you can choose from at the onset of the game: Excalibur (pictured above), Loki, and Mag. Excalibur was the first Warframe, both in the lore and in the early versions of the game. He’d durable, mobile, and has a mix of crowd control and AOE damage in his ability kit. His four abilities are a Slash Dash attack, Radial Blind, Super Jump, and Radial Javelin. Due to how balanced his abilities are, and how versatile he is, the Excalibur Warframe is the perfect one for players new to the game. The MAG is the newest starting Warframe. Her specialty is sending enemies flying and wrecking Corpus, one of the four enemy factions. She’s the “caster” option of the four starting warframes, and has a number of flashy powers to fling, crush, and manipulate enemies. MAG is a good introduction to the frames that don’t solve problems with guns or swords, but rather with energy-powered abilities. Her abilities are Pull, Shield Polarize, Bullet Attractor, and Crush. Loki is a frail, stealthy warframe. His powers are focused on debuffing and redirecting enemies and sneaking around. Statistically Loki is heavily skewed toward mobility and casting. He has the worst defenses of any warframe but has the fastest movespeed, and is tied for the second largest energy pool. His powers are Decoy, Invisibility, Switch Teleport, and Radial Disarm.

After completing a mission, you then spawn back on your ship in orbit. You’re welcome to roam the small area of the ship and this is where you are able to chat with other players that are currently online through a small chat room window that is on the bottom left part of the screen. From here you can meet and group up with other players and tackle missions together, or go off on a solo mission if you so choose. There is also a location on the ship were you can go and use the in-game currency that you find throughout the game world to upgrade/purchase upgrades, new weapons, gear, as well as warframes. And all I will say is WOW! If this is not a grinders paradise, I don’t know what is. This game is deep! The first time I made it to this vendor like section of the ship, I took a minute and looked through all the options that were available and there was a ton of weapons such as new swords, guns, bow and arrows, and even space crossbow guns! (Which I can NOT wait to get and try out) There is also the option of changing the helmets on your frames as well as changing the colors of them as well. You can also change the colors of your weapons too, so that even the most vain of players can have there armaments match their frames. With this being a Free to Play title, there is of course micro-transactions. My fist impressions of the micro-transactions is that the prices seem a little steep compared to what you are getting in return. Now, while there was a TON of options to root through, a colleague of mine said that when he first played Warframe when it first came out 3 years ago, that it had a lot less options at the time. And that brings me to point out that I really like the fact that Digital Extremes is still supporting this game as much as they are even a little over 3 years in existence.

The main first impression that stays with me when it comes to Warframe, is just how deep it seems to be. I can see it being one of those games that, if you think its a good game and like playing it, is going to be taking up a LOT of your time. So, in closing, all I can really say is that if you like shooters, specifically 3rd person/sci-fi shooters, give Warframe a shot. It’s not going to cost you anything except just a little bit of your time. Unless you end up loving the game and get stuck grinding for that specific piece of gear or weapon for hundreds of hours. In that case, you are on your….CHEERS!!

p.s. keep posted to SportsNerdWeb for more on Warframe in the near future!