The Division’s first of four planned paid DLC was released back on June 28th of this year. I have read a couple reviews from some of the big-named sites, and it seems that people are either loving it or not really amused by it, much like the games proper. It seems as tho The Division is one of those games that you either love or hate. No in between. I have personally love The Division and have been grinding away at it non-stop ever since I got it earlier in June. So this is my take on The Underground DLC, coming from the perspective of a player that has not stopped playing it. Cause it seems to me that the gamer’s that are not really into this DLC are the ones that have not played The Division in some time. Granted, I will say that if you are of the ones that really like the main game but have yet to come back in some time, The Underground might be right what you need to get back into this post-pandemic version of New York City with new gear sets, a third Incursion, and a whole new way to engage the game with randomly generated dungeons in Underground Operations.

First things first. Once you download The Underground expansion, take a little trip into your Base of Operation’s and check out behind the Rewards Vendor. You will notice that there is now a set of open doors leading down a set of stairs with the words ‘The Terminal’ above the doors. Make your way down the stairs and it will open it up into the first of two new social areas, this one housing a stash and restock crate, daily and weekly HVT Officers, a Special Equipment Vendor, and a new Blueprint Vendor. At the back of this terminal there is another set of stairs that lead down to an elevator that you take down and opens at a second social area complete with more stashes, restocks, vendors, as well as a table that you walk up to to configure your missions that you want to run in The Underground. Based around the simple story framing that the baddies you fought during the campaign have since regrouped in New York’s underground subway systems, and it’s up to you to flush them out. The resulting missions play like a cooperative PvE version of the more PvP focused Dark Zone, although the operation’s in The Underground play like a new game mode than a new area like the Dark Zone for example. As I stated earlier, the operations take place in random “dungeons” away from the open-world setting with repeatable missions with adjustable difficulty and gameplay variables. As in other modes, the harder the difficulty of a mission the better the rewards and loot drops. Despite being randomized, the levels end up looking just as detailed as the desolate city above. As far as the “random dungeons” go, I’ve ran about 25-30 ops and have yet to see a duplicated map. I have also talked to many other Division Agents about it, and no one I have talked to has ever had the same map twice. I haven’t confirmed this, but I heard that how it works is that each room as you progress along the map is randomly generated. So there is most likely an endless amount of layout options. I really like that Massive did this. It breathes some fresh air into the gameplay and as I said earlier, if you’re the type of player that had grown bored of The Division, this might be just what you needed. When you are at the table in the new Underground Base of Operations, you can configure the next mission to undertake. While you CAN do some of these solo, I have, but I highly recommend grouping up before venturing into an Underground Op. You can configure how many objectives you want on the mission, one to three, set directives to the Op, such as Fog of War which disables your mini-map and no longer shows the red, yellow, or purple bars above enemies heads unless they are pulsed. As of the time of this writing, there is currently five different objectives you can place on your Op. There is also one called Waste Not Want Not, where if you reload before your magazine is empty you will also lose that ammo that was left in it as well. You also start the mission off with a lot less ammo than you usually would. You can stack these directives to make the Op’s more challenging and it also makes the rewads that much sweeter. And let me tell you, when you throw that Waste Not Want Not directive onto the Op with some of the others, it get crazy intense rather fast. Yesterday I was playing with a fellow Agent I met in the Underground Base and we were doing Op’s with anywhere from 2 to 4 directives on the Op. When we started playing, I had a Gear Score in the 170’s. But, after running 6 or 7 ops, I was able to get my GS to 201.

While you are fighting the same enemies that you were fighting top side, they do have a few new trick up their sleeves. They have a couple different types of traps, such as an electric stun one, but their new gadget that really throws a wrinkle into your style of play and makes you have to adjust on the fly, is a jamming device that disables your skills while it is active. So what I was doing was taking out the jamming device so I would be free to use my skills. There is also alarms that the bad guys will run to sometimes to set off and trigger additional waves of enemies, so it’s good to watch out for an enemy running towards it and neutralize them before they can set the alarm off. Also, every time you Level Up in The Underground, you get a cache that you can open after the mission is completed. And this is where I have received most of my high level gear lately. I got most of my gear set pieces as well as my High End Enhanced G36 in The Underground. At the end of ever mission there is also a named boss and a loot chest, so if you Level Up at any point during the mission and you then complete it and get the loot chest before exiting, that is three different sources of High End gear and weapons on one single quick mission.

One minor complaint I have isn’t even necessarily against The Underground Expansion. It is a small gripe that I have had against the game proper which is that the best vendor items all still require Phoenix Credits and even though I have a stash full of High End gear and weapons, I’ve never had enough Phoenix Credits to buy items or blue prints since there is STILL NO WAY TO SELL GEAR FOR ANYTHING BESIDES BASIC CURRENCY.

The Underground also launched alongside Update 1.3 that included a brand new Incursion. At the time of this writing I have yet to group up and try out ANY of the Incursions, so stay tuned into SportsNerdWeb for an update. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have anything you would like to share. I’m always down to talk video games!….CHEERS!!