I know, I know. Another universally well regarded game that i’m late to the party to yet again. And this one was released well over 2 years ago back in March of 2014. But, I guess it’s better to experience something great late than not at all. Me getting into Titanfall this late into the game provides a unique perspective to the game. Now that it is two plus years later, technology has advanced somewhat, other shooters with different mechanics have come and gone, and the industry as a whole is just a different landscape. With Titanfall 2 coming out in a few short months, and the open beta starting today actually (stay tuned for more on that), I thought now was just a good time as any to get this out of the way. Plus I have also been playing a lot of this game as of late.

First things first. Titanfall IS an ONLINE ONLY title. There is no traditional single player campaign to speak of. There used to be a point in time when this would have drove me away. But now that I am finally caught up with the times and have recently found my love and passion for online multiplayer games I am ecstatic that it didn’t. If that does turn you away, thats fine, thats your right. But if that happens, you are truly missing something special. Growing up I always enjoyed playing multiplayer matches with my friends and I huddled around the television. With the current state of online gaming and the lack of local co-op in most titles now, it’s a whole different kind of multiplayer experience nowadays, but one that I wouldn’t trade for the world.


At first glance it’s easy to see the familiar tropes you have come to expect in a modern day First Person Shooter. Most of the weapons, grenades, and abilities fill well worn niches. Most of the maps are the dingy urban and industrial expanses that have hosted countless battles in dozens of other games. The competitive modes are standard fodder for a modern FPS. And yet, when you play Titanfall, it’s impossible to shake the feeling that you’re playing something special. The key is mobility. Titanfall gives you the ability to leap, climb, and wall-run your way around the map, and these simple actions create an exhilarating array of possibilities. No longer constrained by corridors and stairwells, you and your foes engage in high-flying, freewheeling combat in which the sheer joy of movement makes the familiar feel fresh and vibrant. The mobility is so fun in this game that I find myself staying on foot even if my Titan is ready to be sent in, saving him instead for a strategic moment in the match. This novel brand of warfare alone is enough to recommend the game, but it is not the only thing Titanfall does well. You also clash with your foes in the aforementioned Titans. These powerful brutes fuel a weightier, more tactical type of combat that intertwines beautifully with the light-footed action. And herein lies Titanfall’s triumph and what makes it so special: two distinct kinds of combat blending seamlessly together to create chaotic and dynamic battlefields unlike anything you have ever experienced.

There’s only a couple complaints that I can throw towards Titanfall. One is obviously the lack of a fleshed out campaign, though Respawn is remedying this in the sequel later this year. Im not sure if it is just going to be single player or if it will have co-op, but I really hope it has co-op. The other gripe I have with the game, although minor, is it’s lack of modes. There is only five to speak of and they are the standard ones that you have come to expect in a shooter these days, such as attrition (team deathmatch), Hardpoint domination (Control), Capture the Flag, Last Titan Standing, and a pilots only mode that I have yet to see anyone playing in the several months I have had the game. When you are choosing the modes, there is a counter that tells you how many players are in the lobbies in the world and in your region. The mobility and combat is so good in this game though that you quickly forget any issues that you have with the game. Another thing Titanfall does that I have never seen before in a game is that after a match, the losing team must get to a chopper at an extraction point for one last chance to save face and get their pilot out of the fray, while the winning team has to stop them. It provides one last push and one last chance for a player to redeem themselves if they had a particularly rough match.

All in all Titanfall is a fantastic multiplayer shooter that has enough original aspects going for it that I would call it a ‘must-buy’ for any fan of shooters. And from what I have seen so far of the sequel, the best is yet to come. As I mentioned earlier, there is the open beta this weekend so I’m going to give that a try so stay tuned to SportsNerdWeb for more on Titanfall 2 in the near future! Be good to each other….CHEERS!