The Sony Playstation Meeting is today at 3 pm EST so I am barely getting this post in. In this post I just want to go over what my expectations are of the event. What I would like to see, what I think we will see, etc. Then, later today after the event, I will have a post-show article up as well as maybe a youTube video-so head over to our youTube channel and be sure to sub! (Search SportsNerdWeb on youTube)

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first shall we? This little worst kept secret of all time codenamed ‘Project Neo’. Back in June at E3, I really felt that Sony missed the boat on announcing the Neo back then. This was also back when the leaks first started coming out. To be fare though, Mircrosoft announced their upgraded console there so maybe Sony didn’t want to do more of the same. And to Sony’s credit, they DID confirm that Neo does in fact exist. I just think that the meeting later today is the perfect time for them to finally unveil the Neo. With Tokyo Game Show coming up later in the month (September 15th-18th) Sony is poised to make a huge impact in the industry if they were to lets just say hypothetically they announce it today-they then could use their time at TGS showcasing what it can do, maybe talking more about its specs, future games, etc.

Sony is also expected to finally officially announce the PS4 Slim-which was also leaked a couple weeks ago when a gamer in Europe was able to find one on an online retailer. He later posted pictures of the slim console and even a video of it booting up. They were rapidly removed which some said gave validity to the authenticity of the report. There has even been some rumors that this console that was in the images may in fact be the ‘Neo’. I personally don’t think that it is. I feel that it was authentic and that it is the as of yet unannounced PS4 Slim.

What I really want to see at the Playstation Meeting? I hope that our expectations and hopes come to fuition and Sony does in fact announce both of these rumored consoles. However, I would be satisfied with just an unveiling of the ‘Neo’. I can not wait until we finally do get to see what it looks like, what the specs are, and see what it can do. Even though are current consoles are still pretty early into their life cycles, I love the hope and wonder that the announcements of new consoles brings to the mind. Games have come so far in my life time and I for one can NOT  wait to see what’s around the corner. Keep it locked right here on SportsNerdWeb for more on the Sony Playstation Meeting! You can catch the live stream at at 3 pm EST….CHEERS!