Over the weekend, Respawn Entertainment wrapped up the second and final weekend of the open multiplayer tech test. I played a ton of the game on the first weekend and had an absolute blast with it. You can check out my first impressions on this site and videos on our youTube channel, but one of the only issues I had with the game on the first weekend was the titan delivery system. In the first game it was on a timer but in the sequel it’s on a percentage based gauge that fills up at a rate that depends on how good you are playing in the current match. In that first weekend, this system was flawed to the point that there was several matches were I didn’t even have a titan fall the entire match. However, upon playing the game for the first time on weekend 2, I noticed that they fixed this issue. In the very first match, I had my titan fall no less that three times. Actually for the rest of my time with the test, my titan spawned an average 3-4 times a match. The second weekend saw an increase in level cap, more things to unlock, a few new weapons, and even a new map. I only had the chance to play the new map about 3 or 4 times, but it seemed to be on par with the other maps in the game. It is multi-leveled, open, and expansive to allow fast traversal via grappling hook, double jump, and wall runs. For the most part, the game ran beautifully at a brisk pace with hardly any noticeable dips in frame rate. Only during my last couple matches did I finally see some glitches and some slowing down. The titan combat and the pilot gunplay are both as solid as ever. There was three different modes in the test including bounty, point capture, and pilots versus pilots. The bounty mode is the one that I played the most. In it, you get monetary amounts for killing grunts, spectres, titans, reapers, and player enemies. After each wave, there is two ‘banks’ located in the map that you have a certain time to get to and deposit your earnings which goes toward your teams total. At the end of the time limit, the team with the most wins the match. Capture point is pretty self explanatory and pretty straightforward, standard fare from other games. There’s three points on the map to capture and the team with the most points at the end wins. These previously mentioned modes are 5v5 with titans. However, in pilots v pilots there are no titans and it is 8v8. I didn’t play a ton of this mode, but the short amount of time I did play it, it was very clear early on just how hectic this mode can be. In the first Titanfall there would literally be nobody playing the pilots only mode but in this test there was a lot. Now that could just be the fact that it is a demo with only three modes. It definitely has a different feel to the matches and is honestly a bit harder than the other modes. But I had fun with it and hope that this mode fares better this time around.


I was looking forward to Titanfall 2 before this 2 weekend test, but after-my excitement and hype for this game is through the roof. I haven’t really looked at other fans reactions of the game so far but I personally think that Respawn is on the right track and hope that they keep it going. Granted they already had the multiplayer aspect nailed down thanks to a solid first entry so I think what will make or break this game in going to be the single player campaign. Respawn hasn’t really showed us much from that mode so stay tuned to SportsNerdWeb for more on Titanfall 2 in the future!….CHEERS!