Fans of The Division that have been clammoring for new content are not going to be thrilled about this. According to reports on IGN, it seems that The Division’s next DLC pack, Survival, has been delayed! And not only has it been delayed, but Ubisoft hasn’t given us a new date when to expect it. And the bad news doesn’t stop there. With Survival getting delayed, this also means that the third pack, Last Stand, will now be push from late 2016 into sometime in early 2017.

The original plan was to release Survival, the games second major expansion, in September alongside Update 1.4. Now the 1.4 update has slipped into an October release and will no longer be releasing with Survival. According to Ubisoft the delays will “enable us to strengthen the core experience before adding new content, but also continously improve it by allowing for more production time to ensure the quality of future updates as well.” Ubisoft also said that the update will “focus entirely on bug fixing, game balancing, and other improvements.”

After the update, loot drops will be “more relevant to the player,” and various balancing will be done across gear sets, weapons, and player versus player combat in the dark zone. A complete overview of the patch will arrive on September 13th.

This is definitely what I don’t want to hear coming from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment. I am a huge fan of The Division and would love new content to play. However it is good to know that the publisher and developer are set on fixing the base game before piling more stuff on top of a broken foundation. Even though this is bad news at this point in time, it could be good news in the long run.

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