In case you have been living under a rock lately, Respawn Entertainment held an open multiplayer beta for Titanfall 2 over the weekend, and I had a chance to play it all throughout. I spent roughly 8-10 hours with the build and I must say, for the most part, I am very pleased with what Respawn has established so far.

Righ out of the gate it feels comfortable and familiar to veterans of the first game, which I have been playing a ton of lately. I noticed that the HUD is streamlined and less cluttered than it was the first time around. It is also a bit easier to determine if a soldier in the game is friend or foe as your zipping around the maps. Early into my time with the first game, I had issues of thinking a player was a teammate only to be dropped by them and realize that was not the case. The nametags were too small in that first game, but as it stands now in the beta for the sequel, the status of a player is much more apparent. Speaking of zipping around the environments, the mobility in Titanfall 2 has received an awesome and entertaining new mechanic. Taking a page out of the Uncharted 4 playbook, Respawn has opted for use of a grappling hook! And just like in the aforementioned Uncharted 4 the implementation of said grappling hook is pulled off brilliantly so far. I have been having a blast using it and have yet to have any real issues with it. Actually the only issue that I have with it is that it is considered a tactical tool so it takes up that one and only slot, therefore you can’t use it if you need to use one of the other tactical abilities. It would be so much better if every character had it and then you could use the one tactical ability slot on something to set the class build apart from one another. There is the usual asortment of weapons that you come to expect from a modern First Person Shooter-the habitual assault rifles, sub-machine guns, grenades, and sniper rifles make their appearance in the pre-alpha tech test. But with all the different customization options, there is a build to suit every style of play here. At the time of this writing, I was able to find a class that suits the medic types of players, however at this point he is still locked so I have yet to play as that character build.


One thing I need to mention about this tech test before I forget, is that this is only for the multiplayer component of the game. This time around there WILL be a fully fleshed out single player campaign, but sadly we are not able to see that yet at this point. With PAX and Tokyo Game Show still to come before Titanfall 2 drops on October 28th, I would like to think that Respawn will unveil more of the single player campaign at those events.

What we are able to play in this test is 3 multiplayer modes and two maps. The three modes consist of Bounty, a Control type mode where you control points of the map, and an 8v8 pilot only mode. In Bounty you get monetary rewards for killing enemies. You get different amounts for what type of enemy you put down, wether it is a player controlled enemy, a grunt or spectre/stalker, or a titan. Once the waves of enemies have completed you must race and get to two points on the map where you can deposit your rewards for points for your team. If you perish in the fray before you can make a deposit, you will lose half of the dollar amount you are currently carrying. This is the mode that I played the most and seems to be the mode that most of the players were playing. Bounty is quite the entertaining mode and I had some frenetic matches were my team was racing to get their deposits in at the last second before the end of a match for a clutch victory. Near the end of my time with the tech test I finally dipped my toes into the 8v8 pilots only mode were there is no titans. Now, in the Bounty mode it is only 5v5 but the map is also filled with titans and AI grunts and spectres to fill out the combat. In my first match playing the 8v8 mode, it became quite clear I was in for a much more frantic and chaotic experience. I never played this mode in the first game because every time I looked into the lobby it showed that there literally was not one single player in the entire world in it! Needless to say, I am a little surprised that Respawn opted to include this mode in the sequel…at first I thought that. But after a few matches in it, I find it challenging and fun to test your skills in and there was actually a lot of players in the lobbies. Matches were set up in no time, but i’m not going to get ahead of myself since it could just be the fact that it is an open tech test and there is only three modes to try out. But I did enjoy the mode and plan on playing it some more when the test returns next friday for another weekend of exciting Titanfall action.


Overall I think this first weekend of the open tech tests went quite well in my experience. I only had the game crash a couple times and they were few and far between and only had one or two instances of lags and one minor glitch. The visuals were excellent and I didn’t really notice any clipping and other than the one or two instances I mentioned, the frames kept pace even when every character in the match was onscreen and the action was chaotic as ever. I was already ecstatic over this game before this weekends festivities but my hype meter has  been tripled after. Titanfall 2 has shot right up to the top of my most anticipated list of games coming out this year. One small issue I did have with the game on the first day was that it seemed to take forever for your titan to get introduced to the fray. In the first game your titan was on a timer, which worked perfectly, so why mess with it? In this version of Titanfall 2 the titans have a meter that fills depending on how well you are playing in the current match. There was actually a match or two I had where my titan didn’t drop at all. A bunch of players must have had this same problem, because when I booted up the game earlier today for the first time, there was a message from Respawn that said they had introduced a hot-fix into the live build that remedied the issue among a few other small issues players had mentioned. That makes me think that the game is in great hands if they already responded that quickly to feedback from their community. That’s what I love to see in a development studio. Also, Respawn already mentioned earlier today too that when the test goes live again next Friday, there will be a few new weapons, mods, characters, and even a new map! This guy can NOT wait! After this next weekends test wraps up, it is going to be a long wait until October 28th. Atleast this Fall is looking like a great time to be a gamer and there is no shortage of great games coming in the second half of 2016. For more on those games and Titanfall 2 keep it locked, right here, on SportsNerdWeb! Be kind to one another!….CHEERS!


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