Over the weekend, Fusha Only and I was able to go see the new movie from DC Comics Suicide Squad. First, let me just mention real quick that if you are really into the overall arching narrative from the DC movies, I strongly suggest that you make sure that you have seen Man of Steel and Batman v Superman (in that order) before you see Suicide Squad. The opening minutes of Batman v Superman is set during the exact moments of the final showdown in Man of Steel. Early on in Suicide Squad, there is a reference to the two previous movies and is a HUGE spoiler if you haven’t seen them yet, especially Batman v Superman. 

Going into seeing Suicide Squad I really didn’t have any aspects I was really concerned about or anything like that. I had done really well with my media blackout with the film, so I hadn’t read any reviews or talked to anyone about it. I will say that I did have some things I was curious about. One of those was how was Jared Leto’s portrayal as the Joker? He obviously had big shoes to fill with actors such as Jack Nichaelson and, more recently, Heath Ledger turning in legendary performances as the iconic villain. It doesn’t take a genious or a Batman comic guru to see that Jared’s Joker is unlike any that we have seen before and, as a result, I find that I liked his performance. I’ll admit that there was a time or two where it seemed like he was trying too hard to be ‘out there’ and it didn’t quite land, but for the most part I really enjoyed his performance as the Joker. I found myself rooting for the Joker and Harley Quinn and their love story. Not too spoil anything but I liked how they went back and showed how they met and how they became who they are and the way they are.

Another aspect I was curious about was the performance by Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. It was quite evident from the trailers that she was a big, if not the main, draw of the film. Because of that I can’t quite say that she stole the show, but I did absolutely love her as Quinn. She had the best comedic moments and her fight scenes were done really well. Actually one of the best fight moves in the film came courtesy of Ms. Quinn. As I just mentioned earlier, I like how they showed a little bit of her backstory and how she met the Joker at Arkham when she was a Psychiatrist there. (Not a spoiler if you know your Batman canon).

Will Smith as Deadshot was another favorite of mine from the movie. With Smith being such an amazing actor I had no doubts about him as far as that went but he also wasn’t at the top of the list of reasons to see it for me. But after seeing it, he was actually one of my favorite characters in the film. The show-stealer for me was Katana. I’ll admit that I didn’t really know a lot about her beforehand and hadn’t read any of her comics really, so I went into the movie with her high on my curiosity meter. I loved her tragic backstory and the motives she has behind doing what she does. I can’t wait to see more of her in the future. On a side note, I have heard that she is rumored to be in the Harley Quinn stand alone film so fingers crossed.

One of the only complaints that I can really lobby towards Suicide Squad was that the villain in the film was a little weak. Not weak by strength and power standards as she is one of the most powerful characters in any comic or comic-movie I have ever seen. Her motives behind what she was doing seemed justified enough so it wasn’t that. It was she just had some scenes were the acting and dialogue didn’t quite land. There was a couple other things that didn’t quite land and was a little cheesy but I can’t really get into them without getting into spoiler territory so I will say that they by no means hamper the film to a point where it becomes unwatchable. Overall I enjoyed Suicide Squad. If I had to put a number to it, which I usually don’t like doing, I would have to give it a 8/10. So if you are a fan of the comics or DC Comics movies then this is a must-see. Even if you have never read any of the comics but just love action/comedies then you will also have a great time with this movie. Check it out and feel free to leave any comments on here or you can shoot me an email to solgronly@gmail.com….CHEERS!