Welcome to the No Man’s Sky review in progress. NMS finally released a couple days ago and I have only had a chance to play a couple hours, so I decided that this is the type of game that is perfect for a Review In Progress, where I will update this review here as I continue to play through the game.

In the past few months leading up to the release of No Man’s Sky I went on a media blackout as far as just this game was concerned where I didn’t look at any screenshots or watch any game play videos. This is the perfect game to go into blind and not having many expectations. It provides a much better sense of amazement and discovery. Going into NMS I also didn’t have crazy expectations like a lot of the gaming community had accumulated over the last couple years really. I came into this game just wanting to explore the unknown, some crazy planets, undiscovered species, fly some spaceships, and from what I have played of the game so far, it looks like it will NOT disapoint!

Update 1.0

Now that I have spent a little more time with No Man’s Sky I am starting to understand the mechanics much better. At first I wasn’t into the mundane tasks of keeping the mining tool and exosuit life shield fully charged with carbon elements and micromanaging all these other aspects of your character and gear, but after spending more time with the game and after getting into a rhythm of knowing what you need for which item, it becomes much more bearable and almost second nature. In the short time I have spent with NMS I have already had several moments that gave me feelings that I have never had from a game before. In my first hour alone, I was traversing the planet I started on (which I quickly named after my fiance Fusha Only and named the galaxy Fusha’s Galaxy) and came across a couple cat/dinosaur hybrid creatures, which was clearly an adult with there one offspring. I approached the little one, it gave me the option to feed it which I gladly did, a smiley face appeared above its little head and it scampered off in a way that reminded me of a baby animal learning how to walk for the first time. Then a little magnifying glass appeared above it’s head and after investigating it, the little creature had shown me were to find a rare element that I just so happened to be looking for. Never before in a game have I had such a feeling of amazement and discovery. That I was the first person to lay eyes on this creature, on this planet, hell-on this galaxy! And this was in my first hour of play, so I can only imagine of what else is to come on my journey. This morning I was finally able to fix my ship and take off from the planet Fusha Only. It’s quite overwhelming when you’re flying in space and there’s a little emblem saying that a space station is off in the distance, only to see that it says it will take several hours to get there! YES! No Man’s Sky’s universe really is as big as they alluded to! Thank the lord for hyperdrive so I was able to make it to the space station in just a few minutes. Upon my arrival I was able to approach a trader ship and barter with the alien creature to buy/sell elements and goods that I had been able to gather so far. I even had the option to make him an offer on his ship, but it was definitely out of my price range.

So far I am having a blast with No Man’s Sky. As I have said before, I didn’t have crazy expectations like a lot of others in the gaming community, so it has lived up to my expectations. Now, this game definitely isn’t for everybody. If your looking for a combat heavy space opera in the vein of Mass Effect, you will be disappointed. But if you’re like me, looking for a new, fresh, original experience and just want to kick back and explore a bright, colorful, and vibrant universe-then No Man’s Sky is exactly what you need. Stay tuned to SportsNerdWeb for more on No Man’s Sky in the near future!