The other night my girlfriend and I finally watched the first episode of the Netflix original series, Daredevil. Although I had been hearing nothing but positive feedback about the show, I was a little apprehensive going into it simply as a result of the awful Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner movie. Thank the good Lord above that this is a reboot and has nothing to do with that train wreck.

If you are not familiar with the Daredevil comics, it follows Matt Murdock Attorney by day and vigilante by night. Murdock was blinded as boy after a car accident, so he uses his heightened senser to battle injustice in his home town of Hells Kitchen. I thought the fight scenes and coreography was done really well as well as the comedic moments that were integrated throughout.

I really enjoyed the first episode and I find myself wishing that I would have gave this show a chance sooner. I can’t complain though. As a result of getting into Daredevil late, there is two full seasons to catch up on so I see a couple binge watching Netflix nights in our future. Stay tuned to SportsNerdWeb for more on Daredevil….CHEERS!!