After a little over 160 hours of playtime, I have finally wrapped up the main story missions and maxed out my first character in The Division. Now before you start wondering why it took me so long when, on average, it is only taking people roughly 30-40 hours to complete, let me explain. I love open world games. I love exploration. For a huge portion of the first 80 hours or so, I was just wandering around exploring the vast city and combating enemies while free roaming (which doesn’t give you near as much XP as it does in missions and encounters). Speaking of which, I didn’t do that many missions during that time either. So, needless to say, I was leveling up very slowly at first, but once I started hammering out missions left and right, I started leveling up rather quick. One of the other reasons it took me so long is also one of the reasons I eventually leveled up quicker as well…The Dark Zone. First off, I highly don’t recommend going into the DZ alone while under about Level 25-28 or so. The enemies in there are very lethal and dangerous, not to mention the other human players that are usually way stronger than you. Even then, it is hard to successfully carry out ops in the DZ when you are operating solo. By far, the best times I have had with The Division was when I was grouped up and taking out missions together weather we were in the Dark Zone or just free roaming. One night in particular, while in a group of 4 agents, I went from Dark Zone Level 7 to Level 19 in just a couple hours of play. We even made it into DZ06, which is the toughest district in the Dark Zone.

One of the many things I love about this game is Ubisoft’s support of it. They have already released 3 updates and they also just released the first expansion (Underground) a couple days ago, with two more coming out later this year. And, to me at least, it almost seems that there is more to do once you max your character out and reach the endgame than there is during the story missions and constant level grinding. With Incursions, Daily and Weekly Assignments, High Value Target Missions, Search and Destroy Missions, that little thing called the Dark Zone that keeps things fresh and interesting, the Underground which has random generated dungeons so every mission is different, plus the two other expansions planned for release this year all adds up to The Division spinning in your PC or console for a long time to come. Most of the reviews that I have read of The Division has given it usually in the 8-8.5 range, which I guess I can agree with, even though my score would be a little closer to 9.25. It also seems like every one of these reviews always compared The Division to Destiny which I think is kind of unfair at times. I understand that you want to put into consideration other games that are out there at the moment, and even though there is the obvious similarities between the two, but it just seems like the studios behind these two great games had different goals in mind when they were in development and you also have to judge them on their own merit as well. Maybe it is just me being new to MMORPG’s but The Division is one of my favorite games in quite a long time, and one of the first games in quite some time that has demanded so much of my time and that I have put so much play time into. Well maybe the first game since that little beast we call Fallout 4. But that is a whole other monster for a different time. So, in closing, if you are a fan of MMORPG’s, of shooters, of online multiplayer, or you’re just human and love a great time, do yourself a favor and check out Tom Clancy’s The Division. My money is on the fact that you probably won’t be disappointed….CHEERS!!