I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I first started Remedy Entertainments’, Quantum Break. However, I DID know that the plot sounded very interesting and thought that the game had some intriguing mechanics and gameplay concepts, including a show within the game that changes based on certain decisions and actions that you make in the game proper. The project also has some big name Hollywood actors attached to it as well including Shawn Ashmore (X-Men), Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings), Aidan Gillen, and Lance Reddick. Right from the beginning all hell breaks loose and QB sucks you in immediately. There is a massive accident that fractures time and gives our protagonist powers that can control time. The game is generous with its tutorials at the start of the game to control these powers. The controls are mapped out perfectly and are easy to get the hang of which makes you feel like a time manipulating bad ass. The gunplay feels precise and your wide array of time powers helps keep the action moving even when time isn’t. The visuals are no slouch either. Remedy’s time-manipulating effects are truly impressive, and the characters look great. The last time I played Quantum Break it switched to where I was controlling a different character. So it seems that there are several characters to control so there is multiple perspectives to the story. And as I mentioned earlier, your choices have consequences that have an effect on the way the plot progresses. This is all that I have gathered from my first hour with Quantum Break, and I can not wait to get back into it. Once I have completed the full game I will post a review. The next “First Impressions” I do will be on Resident Evil Revelations 2, so stay posted for that and any other news on video games, comics, movies, and sports. CHEERS!!…………….-SportsNerd