Welcome to the official site of SportsNerdWeb! SNW is a content creation group that covers Sports and Nerd culture on multiple Web platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, youTube, live gaming streams on Twitch, blogs, podcasts, and more. SportsNerdWeb was established earlier in the year (2016) and is solely operated by its founder SolgrOnly (aka Dustyn Dillinger), however we do have plans in the works to add contributors to SNW, particularly in the Sports department.

Here is a rundown of what a normal week looks like at SportsNerdWeb:

Blog: Updated daily

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SNW Weekly (youTube show): Tuesday afternoons

The Solgr and Fusha Only Show-Talk Nerdy to Me (podcast): Sunday afternoons

Solgr’s solo podcast (in the works): will post on Fridays

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